Bug drop npc

Hola comunidad, ya estoy en los ultimos retoques para ver un beta test, resulta que viendos los drops de los npc los mountan Giant y mastermageorc tiran item hero, devas,ring,etc revise en el hg pero no tiene ningun drop, los unicos que modifique fueron hc,tw, wiver ,fw y aby. sera que por agregar algunos drop me bugeo los otros npc?
Ayuda ya que no encuentro nada raro....

Re: Bug drop npc

If only MG drop. You should check for NpcDeadItemGenerator. If your sources use GenLevel, check MG is under what GenLevel then find its case and see what kind of armor that is dropped. In your case are the hero items.

Another way you can find, find aHeroHelm(M) is what item number in item2.cfg and then search for that item num in sources, see what other function is triggering upon monster dead.

If all dont work, PM me your sources, once I have a look, I will tell you where is the problem and how to fix. If not I can just team viewer your pc to find the problem. Trust me when I say i dont need anything from your sources. I just want to help.

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