Re: I am wondering on how to configure your IP to a launcher

Hi there, do you want to configure a LAUNCHER or a Client?

Im confused over here. Just a brief explanation.

A Launcher is an application to actually update your client to its up-dated ones. SO if you make any changes or bug fix, your players can get it automatically and dont need to always download from the web, every single time you update something.

Client is the application to actually play the game.

Launcher is meant to connect to a host server hosting the files that is needed for the update. Eg. The updated files, version comparison info, and also any related updater files.

Client connects to the HBServer for gaming.

So which problem are you facing now my friend?

Re: I am wondering on how to configure your IP to a launcher

Mostly all sources out there are the same. You need to go to your client source, and open Globaldef.h. It will look like below :-

Code: Select all

#define NAME_WORLDNAME			"WS1"


#define DEF_SERVER_IP           ""  // <-- This is where you need to put your external IP
#define DEF_SERVER_PORT			2848
Compile it, and it will work to connect to your server / ip and make sure you have Port 2848 open up as port forwarding, as I think Roazir have posted on how to do it.

For you to actually use a Launcher, I would advise for the time being better not because simple setup like this you are still learning, I doubt you will get there. Unless Roazir comes up with a very detail setup to guide one by one. Till then maybe you can start of by getting this done first.

Good Luck.

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