Re: Someone could help me to add "draw.dll"

To properly include the dll, you need the ddraw header that made that DLL to incorporate with your current client source.

You could put the DLL inside your reference directory and upon compiling, it will be include itself, but I feel it wont work perfectly.

Its like using two diff source incorporate into one. WIll have problem somehow.

To make sure Windows 10 work perfectly, you can try and research to port it into OpenGL environment or actually upgrade the DDraw, as currently HB is using DDraw 6, upgrade it then and see if it works.

The workaround for this as mention by Boreas in another post, every time you alt tab, the client releases all sprites as it is no longer an "Active" window. And when you alt tab back in to make it as an "Active" window, reload the whole client sprites without dc-ing your character.

Its a learning curve for those who wish to learn. Good luck.

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