Welcome to Helbreath Online

I've always had the idea of making a definitive Helbreath website containing any important data regarding to server development, news, releases, or for the simple fact of bringing together the players that are still into this game:

For now, it is simply a forum, but there will be more additions as a mantained Top Site, sorted downloadable content, and possibly a general release of basic bug-free files.

Some forum categories have both English and Spanish as languages to select. Other languages might be included in case that is requested from the users, and note that any forum/sub-forum/category can be changed as well as we start uploading and sorting material.

It would be good if we could all propose ideas to build a stronger community; one of the main points we should consider is to bring people, but the game as it is will need several modifications in order to be opened into a broader public.

As for me, I take part in the development of Helbreath Olympia and I'm the lead programmer of Helbreath Empire: I have made a sub-forum for Helbreath Empire where I will post about the current state of the server's development, along with different ideas that we could all discuss to change accordingly.

That being said, the site will be formalized little by little: if you are willing to help in this process in any means, send me a PM or simply answer in this thread with anything you think you can contribute.

Re: Welcome to Helbreath Online

Hello, I'm Jorge Roa!

I'm 21 years old (10/2/2018) and i started to play Helbreath back when I was 11 years old.

I have always felt a passion for computers and this RPG became my favorite game when I first discovered the world of games in PC.
Unfortunately the game has been forgotten by the vast majority of the old players. The kids from the early stage are now grown man, and the advance of other games makes it tricky for the current generation to decide between games.

On this community we aim to support Helbreath development, as well as helping Helbreath players on how it all works.

We are open to contributions and ideas at all times, and have a wonderful day!
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