Hi, I am korean.. i have question..

Hi, Friends. Thanks for your files. i have downloaded [SRC+FILES] HGServer-Client-Files

I succeeded in running the server.

1. However, I can connect from another PC, but when I connect from the server PC, it will be automatically logged out if you move it on game..

2. If I chatting in Korean, i will not be able to print in game. Also, I can not use character names in Korean.

3. There are various commands in the game. please tell me know it..

If you have answer to me. please send to email > hangdoor@naver.com


Re: Hi, I am korean.. i have question..

I can assist in answering your questions.

1) My wild guess is the ports that was used. I too have that issues when my graphic card is mining crytpcurrency. BUT only with Centuu server files. When I help others decode the server files using Centuu's source I get that error. Not sure are you using Centuu sources as well.

2) This is because the HB Client sources out there only recognizes English keyboard characters, and not other UNICODE keyboard characters. As you can see special characters wont be able to see it to. Unless you can change its display language from English to Korean, like how some servers from China can portray Chinese character.

3) Find inside source for "/who" then you can see all the command in that sources that will be calling what function when type.

Good luck.

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