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Hello everyone, Im here for give my suggestions.
One of my suggestions, would be to make some changes in the mage, which would be really good because it would fully balance the fight between mages and warriors. Here are some of them.
1- MIM spell, i think should cost 250 mag or quit totally from server and make it as manual dropable, and as drop would be perfect and getting more ppl hunting for it, making it more be can drop from Liches, Demons, Gargoyles and Barlogs.
2- Hero set mage: Would be perfect get any upgrade on mage hero set (same for warriors) check my idea: getting full upgrade Hero with extra eks, and it gives +1 dmg and +5 hitting, and as now the hero capes are useless, i would add extra dmg, cape+0 (+1 dmg) combant cape +1 ( +2 dmg) making it more valuable and also making wars/mage getting the cape and not save the eks for any rare item.
3- Make sure and be totally honest with the drops, all of us want to know if the drop rate from rare items is working (i know for some items it is and they are obviously) but for rares like good weapons for warriors ( because mages getting wands from cash shop or trade ek) its get sure of it works, example > GBH. KB, KA, KE, Devas (we seen SB. that's great)
P.S: if u guys have any ideas for add to these 3 i gave....just let us know.
P.S1: enjoy the game

Re: Suggestions for any update

Thank you for your recommendations
The magic now at the moment can not be dropeable since the server started with everyone can buy it, it would be unfair to remove it and put it as a drop, ideally to start from the beginning of the game with this manual enabled To drop.
The layers can be chatted.
And with respect to the rares now in the next update is going to change completely the system of rates so that they fall of different way and they come a quantity of rares abundant in trade items and for trade coins also, in turn the trade event is enabled Points, so we're taking a little while with the update.

Thank you very much for writing in the forum!
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