Re: fps limit

Where did you download the files?

Kindly upload it here because Im not sure which corrupted file of hb cordoba files that you have. The one I have , got this line of code which is useless.

Code: Select all

if ((m_sFPS > (120)) && (bAlerdarMaquina == 0)) 
	bAlerdarMaquina = m_sFPS/2-60;
if (bAlerdarMaquina < (1))  
	bAlerdarMaquina = 1;

if (bAlerdarMaquina > 0)
if ((int)(dwTime/bAlerdarMaquina)*(bAlerdarMaquina*1.0000) != (double)(dwTime)) return;
If you are having this code, just delete this. Its useless. the bAlderdarMaquina is only declare = upon 1st loading, then after that there is no reset of that variable, means once your FPS is > (120) then it will be limited as there is no reset button for bAlderdarMaquina = 0.

If this is not the files you have, kindly upload it. Thanks.

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